Dance Classes

Jazz Dance Lessons

These classes feature a concentration in jazz technique. Through proper warm up, effective stretching, body isolations and floor work incorporating center floor and across the floor combinations, each level builds on the previous one leading to greater understanding and proper execution of the styles of American jazz dance. Contemporary Jazz will use a blend of modern principles and jazz dance styles.

Offered to all ages in various levels. The foundation of dance. This class will use Cecchetti principles to teach students proper technique and body alignment. Classes demand high focus from the student but are very valuable to their progression as a dancer. Sound ballet technique is essential for strength, power, and execution of each dancer. Monthly fee of $55 includes two ballet classes per week for levels I-V.

Hip Hop Dance

Offered to ages 6 & up in various levels. Focus is on the latest street styles of hip hop, including break-dancing, pop, & funk. Dancers are encouraged to push themselves to explore new movements and to move to intricate rhythms.

Tap Dance Lessons

Offered to all ages in various levels.  Tap combines the study of rhythm, precision and the fluidity of movement and style. Tap dancing is an excellent way to increase the coordination and develop musicality.

Modern Dance

Offered to all ages in various levels.  Students will learn to dance using functional anatomy to build strength, flexibility and versatility.  Modern instructors draw on their experiences with Horton, Limon and Contemporary techniques to teach a well rounded modern education.

Acro Gym

Offered to ages 8 & up in various levels. Acro Gym (Acrobatic Dance) is a beautiful, dynamic and spectacular sport for both boys and girls. The sport develops courage, strength, stamina, coordination, flexibility, and jumping abilities.  Acro Gym unites its power and poise, with grace and beauty to create an intriguing sport.  Acrobats in groups of two, three and four perform routines with the heads, hands and feet of their partners.

Mommy and Me

Offered to ages 2 to 3.  Children will discover movement and expression through a structure that blends dance and music.  Students are introduced to class structure, age appropriate stretches, coordination exercises, ballet positions and rhythm through a very safe and special experience with Mommy!


Offered to ages 3-4.  This class is perfect for those little ones who are not quite ready for the structure of full-length classes.  Students will work on the basics of ballet, tap and tumbling. 

Private Lessons

If you want to learn any special tricks or just brush up on your technique then you can sign up for private lessons with one of our staff members to get more one on one tips and corrections.  Also, anyone that misses lessons can get a private lesson to learn choreography that they may have missed.

Adaptive Dance

Dance for Everyone, an adaptive dance experience that incorporates ballet, tap and jazz movements. 

Family Discount:
  • 20% off second family member
  • 50% off third family member
  • Fourth Family member is Free!!
Additional Spring Performance Fees:
  • Costume Costs: Deposit due on November 1st. Final balances distributed in February or March.
  • Recital Fee: Each child participating in the Spring Performance will be required to pay a performance fee to cover costumes and other related expenses.


Dress Code & Attire:

Ballet: Female students must wear a solid color leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Males may wear fitted solid color t-shirts and black shorts. Hair must be secured to head in a bun and pulled away from eyes.
Jazz, Tap and Modern: Students must wear a solid color leotard and tights with appropriate shoes.
Hip Hop: Students may wear comfortable clothing and clean tennis shoes that are NOT worn outside.
Acro Gym: Students must wear a leotard and shorts.

Studio Conduct Policy:

We have a no drama policy at our school. Turning Pointe Academy of Dance reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose conduct is felt to be inappropriate or unsatisfactory. A healthy environment where individuals feel safe to be themselves is our number one goal!

Inclement Weather Policy:

When Collinsville Unit 10 cancels school due to weather, dance classes will be cancelled as well. An email will be sent in the case that weather worsens later in the day or there are other weather circumstances.

Missed Lessons or Discontinuation of Classes:

Absences are not refundable nor are they deductible from tuition payment. Students should call if they are going to be absent. All missed lessons can be made up. Please speak with your instructor on how or when classes may be made up. When you enroll a dancer at this studio you are enrolling for an entire season. To withdrawal from class a written notice (email) must be received one month prior to dancers last date of attendance. If an emergency or extended circumstance should arise, please contact Dianna as soon as possible.

Tuition Payments:

Tuition is due the 1st lesson of every month. There will be a $5 fee applied to any payments received after the 15th of the month. Insufficient funds/returned checks will result in an additional $25 fee. Automatic ACH withdrawal is available.

Outstanding Balance:

There must be no outstanding balance on your account in order to receive your costume and participate in the Spring Performance.

"My daughter loves her dance studio. The instructors are excellent and Dianna creates a family-like environment for the dancers."

Todd Detmer
A Happy Dance Dad